We asked ourselves - Could our little car help accelerate the renewable energy revolution? We think it can....

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Removable Batteries!

Most of us live in apartments, with no access to a garage; making it extremely difficult to run a cable to charge our EV!


EleCa has a remarkable range able to carry enough batteries on board for 120 kms (basic model comes with 80 kms batteries installed). This is more than adequate for an urban vehicle. However, this might not suit everybody and some would prefer to be able to cover a wider range.


Removable batteries afford the little EleCa a few tricks up its sleeve.

One can carry less weight (less batteries) and increase relative range at times when short trips are the requirements.

While running around with less batteries, other batteries could be left charging at the office or at home..... maybe at a friends’!

Even when one needs the batteries to be in the vehicle to cover them for longer distances, one can avail themselves of more batteries to leave at home, a friend’s and/or the office.... charging.

And as they sit idly charging, they also double-up as ESS (Energy Storage Systems), on the ready in case of a blackout. They are also able to be taken camping to provide hours of electricity.

An EleCa battery weighs less than 10 kilos (equivalent to a carry-on piece of luggage).

The tricks of the EleCa are many and your experience shall be filled with unexpected little surprises that brighten up your day and leave you with that EleCa smile. 

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Removable Batteries